Chances are you know who Brian Kight is. One of the leaders of Twitter’s motivational space, Kight is so often retweeted by so many coaches I was shocked to see his Twitter account has only 7,700 followers. I would’ve guessed the number would be 10 times higher than that.

Kight posted this video we’ve embedded below that serves as today’s food for thought for all of us.

“If there’s an outcome you want in your life that you are currently not getting, the answer is because you’re not good enough,” Kight says in the video. “Or you just haven’t tried; you are good enough, you just haven’t done it yet. You give me the question, I already know the answer. You give me the excuse, I already know the answer. Give me the rebuttal, I already know the answer. You give me the constraints, I already know the answer. It doesn’t matter, get better. ‘Yeah, but this guy over here doesn’t trust me.’ What’s the answer? It doesn’t matter, get better.”

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