In a story that won’t touch football but will have major NCAA implications, word is breaking Tuesday morning that the FBI will charge ten individuals — four of them college basketball coaches — with corruption.

The four coaches are:

  • Lamont Evans, associate head coach and recruiting coordinator at Oklahoma State
  • Chuck Person, associate head coach at Auburn
  • Emanuel Richardson, assistant coach at Arizona
  • Tony Bland, associate head coach at USC

The others charged include:

Other people named in the documents include James Gatto, director of global sports marketing at Adidas; Merl Code, who recently left Nike for Adidas; Christian Dawkins, an NBA agent who was recently fired from ASM Sports for charging approximately $42,000 in Uber charges on a player’s credit card; Jonathan Brad Augustine, president of The League Initiative and program director of the Adidas-sponsored 1 Family AAU program; Munish Sood, a financial advisor; and Rishan Michel, former NBA official who founded Thompson Bespoke Clothing, a custom clothier for athletes.

The FBI will charge the coaches with accepting money and using their positions as basketball coaches to steer players toward a specific agency. The FBI will also charge a current Adidas executive and a former Nike executive with paying high school athletes in order to secure their commitments to represent the brand when the players turn pro.

This is a breaking news story and we’ll have more as this develops.

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