Video: The fourth annual “Fat Bowl” at UCA featuring only offensive lineman is bound to impress you

You’ve all heard of the Rose Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl, and all those top-tier bowl games.

Loyal readers will recognize this one as well – The Fat Bowl. FCS Central Arkansas offensive lineman held their fourth annual post-season fun game and keeping with the established tradition, the hogs spent the day before the big game (no pun intended) drafting players before taking the field.

For those unfamiliar, 3-time Fat Bowl loser explains what the Fat Bowl is all about:

“The Fat Bowl is supposed to be funny, we gotta get that “W,” but most importantly, we’ve gotta go viral,” Gilberto Garcia explained.

If you’re expecting to see some ugly football from these guys, you’re dead wrong. There were some great acts of athleticism on display this season after the guys traded in their padded gloves for receiver gloves and got their arms properly warmed up.

Seriously though, there are a few plays in here where you’ll forget you’re watching offensive lineman. Enjoy watching the fourth annual Fat Bowl, and we look forward to the show these guys put on next year already.

UCA was knocked out of the FCS playoffs this past weekend after getting upset by New Hampshire 21-15 in the second round.