To get the blood pumping:

What’s the verdict on the SkyCam view from last night? Looks a lot like Madden to me, and a lot of folks, but I dig it.

Cool moment at Iowa State

That’s a whole lot of sugar

This is pretty incredible

Best story ever!

This is a pretty sweet goal line wrinkle

Comedians weighing in on football is pretty funny

The quote of the day

The best from yesterday:

The chatter at Arkansas

Are you spending too much time worrying about penalty yardage, convinced that less leads to more wins?

Sources: No agreement ever in place for Jim Leavitt to be Kansas State’s head-coach-in-waiting

Hire Jeff Long

We know how much it pays to play on TV. But how much does it cost?

“There are times we won’t recruit a kid just because they don’t play multiple sports.”

The value of a good football program, Part 74

Video: Saban opens presser with epic dad-rant about ripped jeans

Thursday’s One Minute Warm Up