Following Cincinnati’s 20-3 loss to BYU to drop the Bearcats to 4-5 on the season, a rather vocal fan got under the skin of a frustrated Tommy Tuberville.

Tuberville’s emotions clearly got the best of him here, as you can hear him respond to the disgruntled fan’s comments by saying “Go to hell,” followed by “Get a job” a few moments later.

The loss was their fourth in the past five games, with all losses coming by double-digits, so most can understand where the frustration was coming from on Tuberville’s part. If you’ve never encountered a disgruntled fan coming off the field after a game and been forced to keep your cool and bite your tongue, consider yourself one of the few lucky ones.


Since coming to Cinci in 2013, Tuberville is 29-18 leading the Bearcats, going 9-4 each of his first two seasons, followed by a 7-5 finish in 2015, and a 4-5 start to this season.

In today’s age where cameras are attached to every smart phone and things can go viral in the blink of an eye, chances are real good that Tuberville will have to answer for this one in his next presser.