The New England Patriots have won so many Super Bowls lately their in-house year-in-review videos have so many sequels they’re they’ve been forced to trot out Roman numerals previously used only by the Rocky and Land Before Time series.

The Pats have released a pair of clips from 3 Games to Glory V to preview its full release. The first shows offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels watching a red zone play from the Denver Broncos’ game with AFC Divisional Playoff opponent Houston. You’ll see McDaniels notice a weak spot in the Texans’ defense that running back Dion Lewis could capitalize on, and then you’ll see Tom Brady toss a swing pass to Lewis for a touchdown.

The next clip focuses on pro personnel director Dave Ziegler’s contribution to the game plan. With the Super Bowl approaching, Ziegler’s focus switched — rather than scouting other teams for players to add, he was watching the Falcons for players to exploit.

These clips do a good job of showing why coaches devote so much time and so many resources to film study. Because the talent gap is so small — especially in the playoffs — the gap between winning and losing is microscopic. Finding a weakness in a backup guard who may play two plays could lead to a negative play that stops a would-be scoring drive, allowing the Patriots to, hypothetically speaking, of course, rally from a 28-3 deficit to win the Super Bowl.

3 Games to Glory V is available for purchase now.

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