Pat Sullivan served as head coach at Samford for nearly a decade. In early December, the university hired Chris Hatcher to take over as the new head coach of the Bulldogs.

Hatch retained defensive coordinator Billy D and offensive coordinator Travis Trickett and some other key members of the staff; but Hatch also brought a few key members of this staff. Looking forward, an offense led by Trickett, with guidance from Hatch, could turn into a very efficient scoring machine.

I visited with Hatcher and staff recently as they were set to welcome their new players onto campus to begin August camp. The incoming class is talented and several will challenge for playing time immediately. I expect the product on the field to sell itself come September, and as you can see in their recently released Hype video, so does Samford Football.

In advance of the season, Hatcher and staff sought to build some local excitement for the program by introducing a new: Spikevision series. For those who know Hatch, this has his down home, good natured, country humor written all over it. Fun way for the locals to get to know coach Hatch a bit better.

Below are a couple of videos released to date. Good stuff Samford.

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