As much as the game of football and schemes have changed since Herm Edwards last wore a whistle as a head coach, you could make the argument that players have changed just as much, if not more.

Being away from the game for so long and then coming back to coach the “millennial” generation probably presented some unique challenges, and a learning curve of sorts when Edwards first got to Tempe, and on Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly yesterday Edwards was asked what he’s learned about coaching millennials.

“I think you’ve got to be direct with them,” Edwards starts by explaining at about the 3:09 mark of the interview. “Their minds work a little bit different. They multi-task. You’ve got to be very spontaneous with them.”

“Also, how do you teach them in the classroom? We’ve kind of gone through that. They all learn different kinds of ways so they’re in this world where they can multi-task. So their attention span at times is not very long. At certain positions especially – wide receivers and defensive backs – they don’t like sitting in the meeting room too long. You’ve got to get them out and let them walk around a little bit.”

“But I just think that they learn more, in my opinion, with things that interest them. How do you coach them in the classroom where you can also make it interesting? That is critical.”

Also, lets not forget the time Edwards didn’t recognize what a modern day game jersey looked like, first mistaking it for a women’s jersey.

Hear more from Edwards in the interview with Mattingly below.