Herm Edwards was introduced as the head coach at Arizona State on Monday and it was everything you would expect it to be. And more.

Let’s start with the foundation that Arizona State AD Ray Anderson liked the direction of the football program off the field and liked the coaching staff, but paid Todd Graham $12 million to go away so that he could keep everything the same while installing his friend and former client as head coach. Got all that?

And to sell the Edwards hire, Anderson brought out Herm’s new agent to then sell the hire.

Edwards will plunge straight forward into coaching Arizona State… right after he finishes his duties as an NFL analyst for ESPN.

Though Edwards hasn’t coached in college football since 1989, he does have recent experience coaching college athletes.

Edwards is expected to have limited input on the Xs and Os of Arizona State’s program, but apparently the Sun Devils will huddle moving forward.

The press conference then opened up to questions.

While he may need some educating on his own team’s nickname, he is up to speed on recruiting rules.

Some other things also happened.

I have no idea what to make of the Herm Edwards era at Arizona State, but it’s going to be entertaining.

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