As we near the end of the FootballScoop salary series, linebackers coaching salaries proved among the most difficult to find. Every staff has a linebackers coach — many have two — but the majority also serve as defensive coordinator.

How much money is there coaching linebackers and just linebackers? A lot, it turns out.

As always: salaries based on publicly-available data, primarily from the USA Today salary database.

1. Pete Kwiatkowski, Washington — $900,000
2. Chris Rumph, Tennessee — $805,000
3. Kevin Sherrer, Tennessee — $705,000
4. Pete Golding, Alabama — $650,000
5. Ruffin McNeill, Oklahoma — $575,000
6. Bob Gregory, Washington — $550,000
7. Jovan Dewitt, Nebraska — $475,000
8. Coleman Hutzler, South Carolina — $475,000
9. Seth Wallace, Iowa — $435,000
10. Raymond Woodie, Florida State — $425,000

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Other notes:

— Dewitt and Hutzler are also special teams coordinators for their respective teams.

— McNeill holds a title of assistant head coach.

— Gregory pulls triple duty at Washington, serving as special teams coordinator and Chris Petersen’s assistant head coach. Kwiatkowski was Washington’s defensive coordinator before bestowing that title to Lake ahead of the 2018 campaign.

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