Inside Chad Morris’ first team meeting at Arkansas: “You’re either a spender or an investor”

Chad Morris got the chance to address a number of topics with his new Razorback team yesterday, and cameras were in the room to catch the 7-minute talk.

The video that Arkansas put together isn’t embeddable, so to see it you’ll have to visit this link, but Morris shared a number of interesting notes in that first meeting, including the two types of players he believes exist.

You’re either a spender, or you’re an investor,” Morris told his new team within the first two minutes of being introduced.

“Spenders are wasters. Wasters have no room in this program. They want something for free. Now, investors, those are the guys that spend time, quality time, you’ve guys are fixing to go into a time of volunteer work.”

Morris also shared that after they get back from finals and their winter break, they’re “fixin’ to full-tilt boogie” and get “in the left lane and put the hammer down.”

Not surprisingly, Morris shared that they’ll be fast, explosive wide open, and creative offensively, and that defensively, he offered this up.

“Defensively, I’m going to have the best defensive coordinator in all of college football right in here.”

According to what sources have shared with us, Morris is certainly aiming to bring both a good friend, and one of the best defensive minds in college football to Fayetteville with him. Read more on that here.

Head here to see Morris’ full talk with the team.