“Alright, alright. We get it. We’re sorry, okay? We’re sorry.” That seems to be the theme of the Jaguars new uniform set, unveiled Thursday.

After becoming the first — and, thus, last — NFL team to don two-tone helmets over the last few years, the Jags have traded their aggressive set in for a more conservative, traditional set. Heavy on black and teal, gold has been completely removed as an accent color.

They’re not perfect, but this is an overall solid uniform set that, with some minor (golden) tweaks, should be here to stay for the long haul.

First, here’s a close look at the new, toned down helmet. A nice, clean look.

Black on black will be the Jags’ primary home look. The teal accents for perfectly here.

An all-teal look that will see the field up to three times a year.

The requisite mix-matched look. I like the all-black better.

A clean, solid road uniform.

What do you think?

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