During Jimbo Fisher’s press conference yesterday he was asked about all the openings sprouting up around college football and if that has helped people realize how hard it is to win consistently as a head college football coach.

Jimbo’s answer started off with a simple “I hope so” before he chose to elaborate for a few minutes on the topic.

“I’ll say this, you’ve got to have consistency, but it’s also good to have change because assistants are going to move around.”

“People say all the time that ‘this guy needs to go,’ or ‘that guy needs to go’ … Well alright, but who are you going to hire? Who do you know that is going to guarantee you come in and win, and can guarantee those things.”

“When you start getting to that other end of it, and [people say] ‘Well it don’t matter,’ well how about you put your butt on the line for firing that guy and hiring the next guy.”

Fisher went on to explain the success that Frank Beamer had after a few lackluster seasons when he was allowed to bring his own guys in and get the culture changed, they went from a .500 football team to a force to be reckoned with on the national scene. Fisher also noted the continuity of the Steelers and Patriots organizations at the NFL level, both of whom have allowed coaches.

“Our world is such a quick change world, we want ot change, but we don’t have think about what that change causes, and who you’re going to hire and who you’re going to bring in. There’s just so many moving parts to so many things today.”

“When you get good people, be patient.” Fisher goes on to note.

Frank Beamer, Steve Spurrier, Bobby Bowden – and the list goes on and on of good coaches, and quality people that were given some patience and went on to impressive results.

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