The Johnny Manziel saga would be impossible to believe if we didn’t all live through it. A redshirt freshman — who may not have even played at all if not for Kevin Sumlin replacing Mike Sherman — exploded on the scene to become one of the greatest players in college football history, a first-round pick and then poof… he was gone.

Johnny Football won the Heisman Trophy days after his 20th birthday and was out of football by age 23. Hurricane Johnny — a constant swarm of activity, where everything was a party — ended up swallowing itself whole.

But Manziel is on the comeback trail. Perhaps you’ve seen the #ComebackSZN tweets. In an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Manziel outlines where he went wrong and how he plans to fix it. He makes two important points:

1) The wake-up call came not when his actions started negatively affecting himself, but when he realized they negatively affected his family, too.

2) He started paying attention to his mental health. Manziel says when the depression he attempted to drown in a waterfall of alcohol was still with him in the morning, he realized his problems affected him at a deeper level and attempted to change it.

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