Nebraska stock

Nebraska giveth, Nebraska taketh away.

One day after being hired as Nebraska’s public address announcer, Jon Schuetz says the Huskers have fired him over a social media post he made criticizing Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman. Here is the post, according to the Omaha World-Herald:

Harvey Perlman is as (sic) disgrace. Remember this was the guy who extended Steve Pederson’s contract only to fire him a few months later. When will he be held to account?

The policy seems pretty draconian considering: A) Schuetz was not a Nebraska employee at the time and B) Good luck finding a new PA announcer that never made a critical of a program more than 15 years removed from its last conference title. I believe that reduces the field down to Nebraska employees, Perlman family members and those born without fingers.

Nevertheless, Schuetz does not begrudge the program for firing him. It’s Nebraska’s job to give and, obviously, Nebraska’s job to take away.

Let this be a reminder to us all to audit our social media accounts every so often so as to prevent burning bridges before we even have a chance to cross them.

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