There’s something ominous coming around that corner. Something deadly. It could be a monster, a beast tall as a mountain and angrier than a pack of starving wolves. It could be an advancing army, a hundred thousand strong. All you know is it’s getting closer. You can feel the earth rattle beneath you with every step. All you know is that the fight of your life awaits you whenever that is emerges from around that corner — a fight you probably won’t win.

In reality, it’s not a monster or an army. Not literally anyway. It’s Ohio State’s football team, and the the Buckeyes’ latest hype video is yet another example of the absolute masterpieces that continue to be produced within college football. The hype videos for this week’s Ohio State game could slide into the trailers before the next Star Wars movie and stand shoulder to shoulder with the very best Hollywood has to offer.

The theme for Ohio State’s trip to Nebraska this week is “Respect Our Name.” Considering the Buckeyes beat Nebraska 62-3 last season, it’s safe to say Nebraska indeed respects their name.

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