Legacy programs are in a tough spot these days. These blue-bloods have worn the same uniforms for so long now that most of their fans consider it sacrilege to change anything more than just the tiniest details.

But at the same time, new, aggressive uniforms has become a shortcut to obtaining a boatload of positive attention — with recruits and the general public.

Many of these programs — Ohio State, Michigan (for a while, at least), Oklahoma, Nebraska — have found a compromise by going crazy once a season. It’s a way to straddle the line between traditions and trends that leaves the older and newer factions of their fan bases happy.

Notre Dame is among that group, typically coloring outside the lines once a season, for their Shamrock Series game.

The Irish aren’t playing a Shamrock Series game this fall, but that hasn’t stopped them — or, let’s be real here, Under Armour — from getting creative.

Notre Dame’s 2017 alternates throw it back to the Knute Rockne era, which some Irish-haters will be quick to point out is an era Notre Dame has never really left.

Here’s a better look at each of the uniform’s components.

These uniforms will see the field in Notre Dame’s home finale against Navy on Nov. 18. Of note, Notre Dame is a perfect 6-0 since its breaking-of-tradition tradition started.

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