Fans at Boone Pickens stadium will have their eyes drawn to a massive new video board in 2018 while watching Oklahoma State.

The new video board, which Oklahoma State boasts will be one of the largest at a “college football-only stadium” in the country, will be 56 feed tall and about 110 feet wide with 1080HD resolution. To get technical, the size of the video board is good for eighth largest among football-only stadium venues.

Athletic director Mike Holder shared what the video board means for the fan experience and the greater Oklahoma State brand in the school’s release.

“This board not only modernizes the game day experience in Boone Pickens Stadium, but it also brings Oklahoma State to the forefront in this area. We have taken input from fans and I believe that adding a premium board like this is a game-changer for all of us who attend Cowboy football game.”

For fans, the board will seem much bigger than some of the other huge video boards around the country because it won’t be sitting on some upper deck somewhere, it will actually sit much closer to the field, and therefore also the fans. That in turn contributes to a more positive fan experience, which every program in the country is looking for edge in.

Also setting the board apart will be its brightness. Most video boards measure at about 7,000 nits. The new board in Stillwater will be 11,000 nits.

Head over to the official release to read more.