In 2016, Old Dominion announced it will build what is essentially a new stadium inside the skeleton of its current stadium, and on Friday we got a look at how the new digs will look.

The school announced a $65 million project that will only modestly increase SB Ballard Stadium’s capacity but vastly increase its functionality. Top of the list: demolishing and rebuilding the east- and west-side stands. The new seats will have more legroom, move closer to the field and have better sight lines.

And, of course, the the new stands will have new and improved concession and merchandise spaces as well.

“We are excited to begin Phase 1 reconstruction,” ODU vice president Greg DuBois said. “Fan comfort and high-quality amenities are the primary focus of this phase. The project will help us create the type of game-day experience fans want and will set us up for future expansions.”

Capacity will move from just north of 19,000 to 21,000. ODU averaged 20,118 fans per game in 2017.

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