Cal State-Northridge has hired the nation’s first student-athlete athletic director, the school announced this week.

To be clear: this isn’t one of those stories where a town you’ve never heard of elects an 18-year-old major. This isn’t an athletic director who is a student-athlete, but a student-athlete athletic director. In short, the SA AD will shadow existing AD Brandon Martin to help oversee all aspects of the student-athlete experience.

From the release:

The unique position is designed to enhance the student-athlete experience by advancing student-athlete well-being, promoting engagement opportunities within the campus community, and fostering a positive image and perception of the student-athlete demographic.

The inaugural SA AD is golfer Sevian Frangipane, a sophomore who was elected by the student-athlete advisory council.

Frangipane’s day-to-day duties this semester will include shadowing Martin at select campus and senior staff meetings as well as working closely with CSUN Faculty Athletic Representative Dr. Edward Jackiewicz.

The student-athlete experience must be triple emphasized as the top priority moving forward, so hats off to Cal State-Northridge for thinking outside the box here.

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