Growing up with a dad as a Hall of Fame head coach, Paul Petrino was always around the team and the football facility.

As is the case for so many others, growing up around the game lead Paul into the coaching profession after his playing career ended. Petrino had been an assistant at Carrol College, Idaho, Utah State, Louisville, Southern Miss, Arkansas, Illinois, and with the Atlanta Falcons during his coaching career that dates back to 1990, and in 2013 he landed his first head coaching position at Idaho.

As an assistant that had moved around with his family a lot, Petrino felt for his kids who had moved with him from city to city leading up to his big break as a head coach. Now leading a program, with many more duties added to his plate, Petrino and his family devised a plan to balance his new life as a head coach with his duties as a father and husband.

In this video that Idaho released recently, Petrino details how he balances family life with his coaching duties ranging from the decision they made to live in nearby Pullman, WA for the sake of their son (who is able to play both football and soccer by attending school in Washington), to their family nights on Thursday’s that consist of college football, homework, and “The Voice”.

This year, Petrino’s squad showed a ton of improvement improving from one win in each of his first two seasons, to four wins this year, which included a number of one and two possessions games that could have easily went the other way.