A few years ago Scott and I got the chance to tour Oklahoma’s facilities. They were good, nothing more, nothing less. The Sooners certainly didn’t want for anything, and the results on the field confirmed OU didn’t lack any bell or whistle necessary for fielding a championship program.

But the day prior Scott and I had visited Oklahoma State, and there was a noticeable difference in bells, whistles and, well, newness of the facilities. If we noticed, recruits certainly did as well. Again, OU didn’t suffer because it’s still OU, but the Sooners were aware of the gap.

That gap has now closed.

Oklahoma has moved into its 132,000-square foot new home, and the photos and videos look as good as anything else in the state and the country.

OU’s new weight room is triple the size of the previous one and features a 70-yard training area. 

Take a full tour of the new facility here. 

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