Along with being leaders as coaches, one of our biggest tasks is identifying leaders and cultivating leadership qualities among select individuals on our teams.

That’s much easier said than done. So what does it look and feel like when it’s happening?

PJ Fleck broke that down in about 30-seconds at a recent presser, and nails it.

“When you start seeing players respond to the leadership – it’s one thing to say stuff and think you’re being a leader – but when guys are infectious, and guys want to be like you, and then they react to what they want you to do, that is the sign of true leadership.”

“When you get people to do extraordinary things. When you get them to play above their capabilities, when you get to see them do things, and get them to do things that they normally don’t do. That’s when you know that guy has the whole team.”

Hear more from Fleck in the clip.

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