Georgia Southern earned its first win of the season on Saturday, and what a win it was. The Eagles led 21-0 after one quarter, 31-0 at the half and cruised to a 52-0 laugher over South Alabama.

The win was a long time coming for Georgia Southern, and an even longer time coming for the program’s interim head coach. Chad Lunsford is a Georgia native and multi-stint Georgia Southern assistant who has worked under three different Eagles head coaches. Lunsford worked for Mike Sewak from 2003-05, Willie Fritz from 2014-15 and Tyson Summers for the last season and a half before taking over as interim head coach last month.

Saturday’s win was his first as a head coach at any level. He was asked after the game what he told his team at halftime about how to protect their 31-point lead: “Don’t let up. Put your foot on their throat, choke ’em out. That’s exactly what I said.” And then he donned a pair of sunglasses and a gigantic chain necklace while Nelly spontaneously started playing.

Actually, that last part may have been some special effects. I can’t tell.

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