The SMU Weight Room Twitter account may be flying under the radar to a lot of people, but it’s been busy providing some really good tips for coaches and athletes on nutrition and hydration that should be brought to your attention.

Back in mid-September, the guys at SMU tweeted a look at what they look for in social media behavior from their recruiting prospects, and this is another great resource.

Starting on September 30th, the @SMU_HorsePower account starting tweeting out tips aimed at educating their athletes on the details of fueling up, PonyUpTempo style.

Now, as we sit here on October 21st, the account has tweeted a total of 8 tips, and every single one of them are worth sharing with your guys, whether your an FBS guy, a strength coach, or a high school coach who is constantly thinking of ways, and fielding questions from your players, on how to maximize their potential.