Steve Spurrier

What you have just read is Steve Spurrier’s post-game press conference – in its entirety. What normally takes between 10 and 15 minutes was boiled down to 54 seconds in the wake of yet another blown lead in what has long been a sunken season for South Carolina.

The Gamecocks took a 42-28 lead over Tennessee with 4:52 to go Saturday night in Williams-Brice Stadium, but allowed two touchdowns inside the final minute, including a nine-yard pass with 11 seconds to go. The Vols opened overtime with a field goal, and then pushed South Carolina backwards 15 yards on its possession before a missed 57-yard field goal to end the game.

Tennessee 45, South Carolina 42.

It was the third time South Carolina has lost a game in which it held a 13-point lead in the fourth quarter. The Gamecocks are now 4-5 this season, and 2-5 in conference play, where they have allowed a shade below 40 points a game. Spurrier apparently wasn’t any more of a talking mood inside the locker room.

Many will have a laugh because it’s Spurrier, but part of the multi-million dollar salary Spurrier earns is with the understanding he’ll fulfill his obligations with the media.

He technically fulfilled his obligation; but many in the media don’t take kindly to being stood up.

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