P.J. Fleck has a new job. A new job means a new house. Thanks to CollegeFootballTalk, we have some visuals of that new house.

Checking in at over 6,000 square feet with a half-dozen bedrooms, the suburban Minneapolis house is described as a “stunning European home.” In other words, it’s elite.

An elite shot of the — or, I should say, “a” — living room. Also, those apples look delicious.

The kitchen, with more mouth-watering apples. 

Another living room, with room for a flat screen and a pool table. No apples, though.

The elite master bedroom.

You know you’ve made it in life when your master closet is big enough to hold a washer and dryer.

Another elite feature: a bar area TV with multi-colored backlighting.

One of the patio areas.

Another of the outdoor areas. This is one is the more elite of the two, I’d say.

The house also comes pre-wired with Amazon’s Echo technology. Imagine Fleck trying to train Alexa to say “elite.”

All this can — or, well, could — be yours for the price of $3 million. Just go get yourself an elite job first.

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