The #SchemeVault is open for action featuring what the best offensive and defensive minds in football are running. Hope you’re able to pick something up to help your program.

Let’s dig in.

The Chiefs may be the closest thing to a college offense the NFL seen in a long, long time…and that’s fun

More from the Chiefs, this time some triple option

Lots of good stuff here, including the “Yankee” play action concept from Ohio State

Iowa with deep play action crossing routes for a TD

Quality screen from the Saints

Great third down call from the Saints

Lovers of the fullback trap will appreciate this from the Niners

Arkansas with a wild shift…to run a play that loses a few yards

A reverse taken to the house by Memphis

Oregon State QB goes in motion so the RB can get a direct snap

QB run off a pin and pull scheme to the boundary away from Quads

Interesting split-flow read from Mississippi State

Some trickeration from Eastern Washington

Great scheme from Ohio State

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