Some really good , and creative designs from some of the best minds in football in the #SchemeVault this week. You may notice a heavy offensive influence, but there’s still plenty for defensive guys to learn in here as well.

Whether you’re still playing, or your season is done, hopefully there’s something in here you can find to help your program on the field your next outing, whenever that happens to be.

Power read is a beautiful thing

Quality wrinkle to the power toss

Nice RPO design from Howard OC Brennan Marion

Nice screen design and misdirection from Auburn

These shifts from a HS program are enough to make Matt Canada jealous

Some quality notes on outside zone blocking scheme

Beautiful screen off counter action

Nice counter out of 2×2 set from Arizona

Great catch, but pay attention to the route combo rub at the bottom off play action

Inside the Malzahn “Fire Alarm” series

Wrinkle to zone read making the TE in the flat the #3 option

Love this 3 concepts in 1 idea from Oklahoma

Michigan State put a peeling DE on the best player in CFB…and it worked out pretty well

Nebraska was really, really innovative back in the day

Tackle pull power from K-State


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