Zach again pinch-hitting for Doug on today’s Warm Up.

Manu Ginobili retired yesterday. Rather than beat you down with a million highlight videos, I thought I’d share the time he swiped a bat out of mid air.

Here’s a John McCain anecdote you probably weren’t aware of.

The 2020 class is Gary Patterson’s 20th at TCU, so the Frogs are going all out to celebrate it.

The Jay-Z/Beyonce concert destroyed the grass at Williams Brice Stadium, but the Gamecocks were prepared for that possibility.

This is how most coaches treat the Week 1 depth chart release.

On the flip side, though, Billy Napier is out here telling us his seventh-string Z receiver.

This is nuts.

I mean, we’d all be crazy not to make this bet, right?

This is what it means to be a QB1.

It is still amazing what J.J. Watt was able to accomplish through social media.

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