This week’s #Twitter12Pack is incredible and includes everything from a great free beer offer, Tubs not realizing his microphone is hot, the worst challenge of all time, and a Big 12 QB laying a dude out.

Buckle up, and enjoy!

1 – The Bears challenged the spot of the ball, thinking they had scored a TD, instead, video review showed that they actually fumbled the ball out of the end zone…for a touchback. I didn’t even know that was a possible outcome. Worst. Review. Ever.

The look on John Fox’s face is epic.

2 – Actual CFL touchdown dance…

3 – This is pretty incredible

4 – This guy isn’t going to live down being pancaked by a quarterback anytime soon

5 – That is some serious weight for a punter…

6 – Epic GameDay sign

7 – This actually happened…

8 – Wow. This is quite the debacle!

9 – Kirk Herbstreit gets very #TwitterMad (with a FOX NASCAR analyst)

10 – Serious contender for most bizarre streak in college football?

11 – This is either brilliant or crazy, and I can’t seem to make up my mind one way or the other

12 – Tommy Tuberville doesn’t realize his microphone is still hot and calls someone a “dickhead”

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