The weekend was just as full of upsets as it was other things that no one expected to see.

Let’s get right to it.

1 – I don’t think you were supposed to say that last part Dick…

2 – Uh, oops?

3 – The fact that this warrants a 15-yard penalty is just ridiculous

4 – This guy punts the ball (officially 92 yards) from one end zone to the other!!!

5 – That’s gotta sting

6 – “I’d rather eat water” – Randy Moss

7 – Apparently the ball boy did something to piss Florida off

8 – This is weird right off the bat, and then you realize that #82 was on all fours acting as the bench for the skit. Bizarre all around

9 – Tough to feel good about a win when you’ve also got to deal with this…

10 – Can’t say I’ve ever seen this one before

11 – Les was back at LSU as they honored the 2007 National Champs, and Allie LaForce was sure he had a plate of Death Valley grass waiting for him

12 – This is absolute insanity!

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