Lots of interesting stuff to get to today, so here’s the #Twitter12Pack of things that no one expected to see this weekend.

1 – Bill Callahan looks a whole lot like a younger Bill Snyder to me in this pic…

2 – Aaron Rodgers voicing his displeasure on the play call to his coaches on the sideline

3 – This Kentucky cheerleader was pretty pissed at the ‘Cats defense

4 – This call really doesn’t make any sense considering the field position

5 – NFL players having fun with each other is now apparently a penalty

6 – No one would have guessed a few of these

7 – THREE penalties on one player on ONE PLAY!?!?!?

8 – WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!! Just get into the end zone!

9 – I heard Purdue asked permission to wear lighter uniform colors because of the heat, but Harbaugh and Michigan said no so they played in black from head to toe … so this may have been Purdue’s rebuttal

10 – Chris Berman, “Special Assistant coach” at UMass? Maybe that’s the secret to how they played Tennessee so tough.

11 – Pretty impressive

12 – That is a legit Pro Wrestling Chokeslam move


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