One of my favorite articles to write of the week, the #Twitter12Pack, is yours to enjoy.

Sit back and witness, or revisit, some of the wackiest, funniest, and unbelievable things of the weekend’s action.

1 – This seemed excessive

2 – Proof that nothing is impossible

3 – Faking a cramp three minutes into the game Arkansas? #CMonMan!

4 – The 95-yard pick six to win the game in OT is impressive enough to make the list, but there’s also a player from the opposing team caught in the winning team’s celebratory dog pile

5 – McNeese State (FCS – KY) record four pick-sixes this weekend…and Guthrie HS (OK) outdid them with FIVE, including two in the span of 23 seconds!

6 – Mike Leach hates when his offense goes three-and-out, so he has them do up-downs on the sideline during a game

7 – Just wrapped up Week 8 and Michigan and Rutgers are sitting with the same conference record. Didn’t see that coming

8 – I’d be interested to hear how the referee would explain this one…

9 – Everyone was holding their breath to make sure nothing bad happened to Corso here

10 – When the sideline has some extra juice, sometimes a coach goes flying

11 – Uhhhh….wow

12 – Sleeves on coaching gear is optional at Texas, as evidence here proves

Bonus: OK, so not football related, but so good it needed to be shared. Rookie Jonathan Isaac forgot to wear his jersey to his first NBA game

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