This week’s 12 pack is loaded with a walk-on kicker / punter laying the wood, a bizarre situation on the Browns sideline, a very tricky punt return, and why “Roach Patrol” should be your new offensive line nickname.


1 – Whoever does the cable info section for games had some fun with Brady Hoke and Tennessee’s game description

2 – This play by Case Keenum went is incredible

3 – This is just bizarre to see

4 – The defensive turnaround at Purdue is pretty darn incredible

5 – Walk-on punter / kicker laying the wood and sending the sideline into a brief frenzy!

6 – The football is legit trying to roll away in the Tennessee-LSU game

7 – USC manages to fake out 10 out of 11 UCLA players on this tricky punt return

8 – Apparently blocking the kicker / punter is considered targeting now…?

9 – WHAT!?!?! (Expect the NCAA to make a statement on this at somme point)

10 – 1 hit, 2 players down for the count (Obviously hope both are okay)

11 – Rivalry week in college football is so special (x2)

12 – Did anyone else know John Cena played D3 OL? And his explanation of why the OL unit was called the “Roach Patrol” is awesome.

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