UCF will wear special space-themed alternates with some really cool details this weekend

On the heels of Florida’s interesting Gator inspired uniforms announcement earlier this week, UCF has revealed that they’ll be wearing some special uniforms of their own.

In an effort to honor NASA and the school’s link with the Kennedy Space Center, UCF will wear special space themed uniforms. These look relatively normal from far away, but a closer look reveals some really cool details.

The stripe of the helmet is actually a picture of the Andromeda Galaxy, and the stripe itself is actually cut into five uneven sections to represent the five stages of the Saturn V Rocket, which carried Neil Armstrong and the first astronauts to the moon in 1969.

Here’s the video of the reveal and some pictures of the details.

via UCF Knights
via @UCF_Equipment
via @UCF_Equipment

If you look closely at the UCF logo you can see craters and the surface of the moon.

via @UCF_Equipment

These are a really, really cool and creative way to honor ties to NASA and the Kennedy Space Center without going off the rails.

Get an even closer look at the details intertwined in the stars, and plenty more pictures, via the UCF release here.