Chad Morris has always been Chad Morris, of course, and a couple of videos unearthed this week prove that.

Seventeen years before he was named the head coach at Arkansas, Morris was a 32-year-old head coach at Bay City High School, a town near but not on the Texas Gulf Coast. After taking Elysian Fields to the Class 2A title game in 1998 and ’99, Morris had the Black Cats in the Class 4A state championship in 2000.

As you’ll see below, Morris then was the same guy as Morris now.

Bay City beat Denton Ryan in that championship game by the odd score of 24-2.

He would remain at Bay City until 2003, when he took the job at Stephenville — Art Briles’s old school. A rough streak would lead him to make the trek to Arkansas to meet a fellow high school coach named Gus Malzahn. That meeting turned his Stephenville tenure around, eventually leading him to powerhouse Austin Lake Travis. That success put him on Tulsa’s staff as offensive coordinator, and a year later he was the offensive coordinator at Clemson.

And the rest is history.

But as these videos show Morris didn’t get to the big time by being someone else, and he didn’t change his approach once he got there. He’s been the same Chad Morris the entire time.

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