So often in post game press conferences the same typical questions get asked and coaches instinctively go into their coach-talk track.

However, that was not the case after Eagle Rock HS (CA) beat South Gate HS (CA) 50-14. Part of third-year head coach Andy Moran’s message to his team in the post game huddle was to go home and tell someone in their family that they love them.

Hear coach Moran’s comments at the :54 second mark of the clip.

“I say that because it was hard for my father to say it. So part of my goal, or my mission as a head coach, is to say love and to be able to receive that so that when they’re fathers they’ll be able to say that to their sons.”

“So many of these guys are raised by a single parent and maybe they don’t hear it enough, or they don’t know what it’s like to hear that from a man. So that’s my personal mission and I think it’s a gift, and when you give it enough it comes back to you.”

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