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Dooley looking for "the right guys"

Vols head coach Derek Dooley held a press conference this morning to address some key issues surrounding the Tennessee program.

When asked about a time frame for filling the open positions on his staff Dooley said that the time frame is complex because of recruiting and that "we aren't going to compromise who we get in order to get it done".

Dooley made it clear towards the end of the clip that there has been an "unbelievable amount of interest" in coaches interested in coming to Tennessee to coach on the defensive side of the ball.

Super Bowl ads

If you were hoping to lock up a Super Bowl ad this year, it looks like you've run out of time.

The last of the 30 second spots were locked up around Thanksgiving, at a cost of $3.5 million per slot.

Seth Winter, the senior VP of sales and marketing for NBC's sports group said "We have shattered any recent revenue stories in regards to the Super Bowl". At $3.5 million for 30 seconds...we don't find that too hard to believe.

Last year, Super Bowl XLV set a record for the most viewers with 111 million, making it the most watched American television show ever. The Business Insider highlighted the increasing cost of ad space back in February, and the chart can be found below.


Class move by Gundy

After the Cowboys big Fiesta Bowl overtime win over Stanford last night, Rece Davis asked Gundy if he wanted to take the opportunity to dance in front of the faithful fans that had made the trip.

Instead, Gundy opted to avoid the youtube spotlight, and used the moment to honor the late Oklahoma State women's basketball coach Kurt Budke by having his wife come up and share in the spotlight with the trophy.

Class move by Coach Gundy.

Tuesday TV

Michigan and Virginia Tech meet in the Sugar Bowl tonight.

All times are eastern.


No games.


Sugar Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Michigan - 8:30 - ESPN

High School:

No games.

Blocked FG in 3OT to seal it for Mich. State

The chess match between Mark Richt and Mark Dantonio went to triple overtime in the Outback Bowl.

In the end, it was the play below that got Coach Dantonio and the Spartan staff their first bowl victory since their arrival in East Lansing.

Video: Bielema on Rose Bowl prep

Bret Bielema spoke with the Big Ten Network for a few minutes yesterday to chat about their match up with Oregon in tonight's Rose Bowl.

During the off season, Bielema said that he reached out to a few coaches pick their brain on how they prepare for a BCS Bowl game after a conference championship, and took some advice on how to scale back preparations a little bit.

Wisconsin and Oregon will face each other tonight at 5 on ESPN.

Monday TV (6 bowl games!)

A glorious day of bowl games!

Just a reminder, all times are eastern.


No games. 


TicketCity Bowl: Houston vs. Penn State - 12 - ESPNU

Capital One Bowl: Nebraska vs. South Carolina - 1 - ESPN

Outback Bowl: Michigan State vs. Georgia - 1 - ABC

Gator Bowl: Ohio State vs. Florida - 1 - ESPN2

Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Oregon - 5 - ESPN

Fiesta Bowl: Stanford vs. Oklahoma State - 8:30 - ESPN

High School:

No games. 


FootballScoop Viewership

2011 is in the books and we're looking forward to a great 2012. We wanted to thank each and every one of you for your viewership and wish each of you a prosperous 2012.

2011 was a great year for the site; but we were very saddened to have one of our staffers leave the site in August. 

As most of you know, we hired a few new staffers over the past few months and viewership (and Scoop) is at an all time high. When we advertised that we were hiring, we had nearly 1,000 people apply for the job within a week. Very cool (but seriously overwhelming). 

Time for some stats about the year...

For the first part of 2011 (January - August) we grew viewership by 32% over 2010. Once the season began, our viewership grew to the next level. From September through the end of the year, we grew viewership 56% over the same months in 2010. 

December was far and away our best month ever (since 1999) with over 350,000 unique people visiting the site and they came nearly 2,000,000 times. If you do the math (2 million visits, 31 days, 24 hours per, 60 minutes, 60 seconds...) that works out to just about 1 new visit to the site every second during the month. That is pretty cool.

The 350,000 unique visitors in December was well over 100,000 more than last December and we averaged about 20,000 more visits per day than last December. Huge numbers for us. 

According to Google Analytics which monitors the site traffic, coaches from 1,092 colleges and universities, all 32 NFL teams and thousands of high schools visited the site during December.

Over 175,000 of our viewers in December visited the site over 25 times. Nearly 90,000 of our viewers visited over 100 times during the month. We refuse to disclose the number (or location) of the coaches that visited the site over 1,000 times during the month (but we certainly appreciate it).

Google Analytics has a stat they call "Visitor Recency" which measures the time between visits per person. Over 75% of our visits came within 24 hours of that viewer's last visit (that is awesome). 

Approximately 33% of our visits in December were "mobile" (an all-time record). Of those mobile visits, 67% of them were on iPhones / iPads with most of the rest on android devices. Blackberry is nearly non-existent in our stats.

For those visiting the site on computers, the percentage of our visitors using Internet Explorer is down to 38% (easily the lowest ever...two years ago that number was 70% and 3 years ago it was 78%). 

Over the next few months we'll be introducing more and more original content. We appreciate the great companies that sponsor and advertise with us and it means a lot to us when those companies report back to us that our audience has responded incredibly well to them. Thank you! Shameless plug (this is how we feed our kids)...to advertise with FootballScoop, please contact Scott Roussel ([email protected] or 225.445.8223).

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Happy New Year!