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Video: Caliendo and Gruden's QB Camp
Are these Adidas' best unis?
UCLA has a new facility planned

Video: Ron Zook's daughter is an actress and writer... and she's pretty good

For those who may not know (which is likely all of you), Deadline is kind of the FootballScoop of Hollywood. It's the industry's trade publication that can make the career of a struggling actor with one-well placed mention.

Why does this matter? Because it's the setting of this sketch written and performed by Jacquelyn Zook, the daughter of Ron Zook. An actress with 21 credits according to IMDB in film and television shows such as The Young and the Restless and Criminal Minds, Zook plays the role of a struggling actress convinced getting her name in Deadline is the one break needed to spark her career. 

It's full of Hollywood inside jokes, many of which flew a couple miles over my head, but it's clear enough even to a show business dolt from the flyover states like me can tell it took real talent to write and perform this. 

Coach Zook must be a proud dad.

NCAA announces new governance system for Power Five conferences

The NCAA took another major step into the 21st century on Thursday, announcing a new governance system that will give Power Five conferences more legislative autonomy moving forward.

While nothing is yet finalized, here is what the NCAA Steering Committee on Governance is recommending:

While restructuring the way it governs, the NCAA has also proposed a change to who does the governing. 

"Under the proposal," the release reads, "the division would still be led by a Board of Directors composed primarily of university presidents. However, new voices would be added: the chair of the Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee; the chair of a new group tentatively called the Council; and the most senior Division I member of the Faculty Athletics Representatives Association’s executive committee. The council chair would always be an athletics director, giving that constituency an automatic spot on the board.

"The Board would focus chiefly on oversight and strategic issues, while leaving much of the day-to-day policy and legislative responsibility to the council. The council, composed of at least 60 percent athletics directors, would have 38 members: one from each conference plus two voting student-athletes and four commissioners (one from the Football Bowl Subdivision, one from the Football Championship Subdivision and two from the remaining conferences). The council would be the final voice on shared-governance rule-making decisions."

Everything in the above tweet has been discussed many times before, so nothing is new here. The biggest question is how it affects everyone else. We know Stanford can now provide full cost-of-attendance scholarships. But what about Fresno State?

They're still working that out. There are 27 Division I conferences beyond the SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Pac-12 and Big 12, and the NCAA is still seeking feedback on how changes adopted by the Power Five would play elsewhere. The American, for instance, has said they plan to offer everything a Power Five school can, but don't expect that attitude to be universal. Which, in turn, will create more problems.

The Division I Board will tweak today's proposal over the summer and take a vote in August, with a plan to review everything at the NCAA Convention in January. 

Additionally, the NCAA approved a change today to its hardship waiver policy. Instead of immediate eligibility, players transferring due to a family hardship will sit out a year like every other transfer, but then have a year added to the back end of their eligibility. 

Video: Miami puts James Coley in Google Glass for the spring game

Mic'd up sessions are nice and all, but this is a mic'd up session on steroids...even if it only lasts one drive. At Miami's spring game, they put Google Glass on offensive coordinator James Foley for a drive...and that got my wheels turning a little bit.

I couldn't help but wonder: Could Google Glass can help us evolve as coaches? There has to be some value in taking your exact sideline experience throughout the course of a game and being able to review that alongside tight and end zone copies of each play. 

Among out staff here at The Scoop, we've got a split opinion on whether this could catch on and what its exact applications could be in the coaching profession. Strictly speaking from my perspective, there's got to be some value down the road in this first person footage. Let me hear your point of view @CoachSamz and I'll share some of my ideas.

What do you think?

Sark: 'Fear is the demise of execution'

During his first speaking engagement with the USC student body, more specifically the Delta Gamma's event "Lectureship in Values and Ethics" head coach Steve Sarkisian touched on a number of topics ranging including how his persistence led to his first FBS coaching opportunity, among other valuable topics.

Sark had a number of great lines, as ATVN chronicled, including;

How to achieve success: "Don't worry about the how,' just focus on what you want to become and continually talk about it."

On how he got his first FBS coaching opportunity: "I remember selling a product to Annenberg school, and it was the day that Pete Carroll got hired, and I got a chance to get in front of Pete that day, and I just said 'Hey, I think I want to coach.' At the same time I had been coaching Junior College football along the way as I worked in sales, and he said 'Well, I might be able to do something with a GA spot."

"Thinking back now, four and a half months ago, if some kid walked into my office right after I had done my press conference to get hired here, I would have been like 'Who is this kid? Get him out of here!'" But that moment spoke volumes to the type of mentor that Pete became to me moving forward."

On how he sees the USC program under his leadership: "We are forward thinkers. USC Football is forward thinking. We are thinking about the future like it is the present,"

All of those are great in their own respects, but one quote in particular stood out to me more than the others. It's a quote that summarizes Sark's coaching philosophy and really speaks to the type of coach that he is, and the type of staff he has surrounded himself with.

"I think fear is the demise of execution. When we perform out of fear, when we have a sense of fear inside of us, ultimately our execution is going to suffer. Fear is a distraction."

That's deep.

Video is embedded below but it not mobile friendly.

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See his speech, and read ATVN's take here.

Video: Caliendo does Gruden impression, alongside Gruden on the set of 'QB Camp'

The master of impressions, Frank Caliendo, has done his fair share of Jon Gruden (and Jay Gruden) impressions the past few years, but he's never done it quite like this.

Here, Caliendo takes on the Gruden persona with his subject, the star of "QB Camp" and the head of the Fired Football Coaches Association, sitting right across from him on his own home turf.

Impersonating the master in his own environment is a tall order, and Caliendo nails it like a pro.

These have to be the best Adidas uniforms out there

Moments ago we got a tweet from Micah Brown, owner of Second Wind Creative, or better known as the company behind great videos at programs like Kansas and Michigan State.

After both Scott and I watched the video (which can be seen below), we came to the exact same conclusion: Kansas has to have the best Adidas uniforms in college football. They aren't anything brand new for the program, so the presentation by Second Wind certainly helped the both of us come to that conclusion.

Is there any Adidas program, or Adidas uniform combination out there that can top this?

JAYHAWKS GEAR UP from Micah Brown on Vimeo.


This study should be shown to every player on your roster, and every recruit

Earlier today we came across an interesting study from a group of people at UNC that uncovered results that college coaches everywhere will be excited to share with both their current players, parents, and future recruits.

The study asked about 80 employers like AT&T, Deloitte, KPMG, and Northwestern Mutual to rate the value of experiences of more than a dozen different types of students. Those student experiences included debate-team captains, resident assistants, editors of the campus newspaper, and participating in college athletics.

The employers surveyed gave the highest marks to college athletes, particularly those who served as captains because, according the to The Chronicle of Higher Education, "the employers saw athletes as hard-working and goal-oriented with the ability to handle pressure."

The study found that just playing on a college team was seen as more valuable than managing a restaurant, or serving as the editor in chief of the school newspaper, and it also uncovered that employers saw no perceived difference between whether you played at the D-I or D-III level when hiring.

The results of that study are just as valuable for your outgoing seniors as they are for high school seniors considering playing for your program. Print this off and hang it on a bulletin board in your facility, or hand it out during a team meeting, either way, it's something that will show your guys how much you care about their life outside of football.

Read the full take from The Chronicle of Higher Education here.

These new Florida HS helmets are pretty sick

Andre Dobson and his coaching staff down at Faith Christian HS believe that their new helmet is one of the best looking new lids in the entire state of Florida.

With a matte black finish and giant silver logo, it certainly stands on its own two feet. Florida high schools have been on the cutting edge of the uniform revolution, and this is further proof of the commitment to stand out.

I have to say, these are very sharp looking. I'm a fan.