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Zook does his best Allen Iverson impression

We all recall AI's SportsCenter highlight, "I supposed to be the franchise player; and we in here talkin'bout practice. We talkin about practice...practice?"

Zook, unfortunately, had to go the same route yesterday when a reporter asked him about something that happened during a spring practice. Yes, you read that right, the guy asked him about something that occurred at practice 6 months ago.

Zook: "You asking me a question about the Spring? [gratuitous eye-roll]" If only he had added, "We talking about practice?"

Well done Coach, well done indeed. 


AI's infamous, "We talkin'bout practice?" 





FootballScoop is hiring (Updated)

Thursday noon Update> We would like to thank everyone who has sent in their desire to work for us. Overwhelming in all honesty. At this time, we're still trying to get through all of them. The resumes that we have seen have been extremely impressive.  We are evaluating each and will get back to everyone.

Tuesday 10:30AM Update> We would like to thank everyone that has already exressed their interest. Our email inbox is bursting, filled with emails from quality individuals. We will try to respond to everyone by the end of the night tonight.

Original post:

As the site continues to grow (visits to the site in September were 70% higher than visits last September), we are looking to add a highly talented person to the staff. 

At FootballScoop our goal has always been to help coaches through the delivery of accurate and timely coaching news information.

If you are interested in working with us (focusing on content delivery), please contact Scott Roussel at [email protected]. Please send resume along with a short introductory letter explaining why you'd like to work at FootballScoop. Creativity is always enjoyed. 

Full time position, available immediately.  Work from anywhere. 


No TV Tuesday

Don't look down, it's depressing.  Hang in there, only two more days until live action resumes.  

You can do it.  One step at a time. 





High School:


Tom Osborne has Pelini's back

In terms of things that an AD can say publicly in support of his football coach, Tom Osborne hit a grand slam in this brief radio interview. 

Literally, if Pelini had scripted it himself, we're not sure it would have come out any better.

Take a listen.


What do you say when you have to go play at Alabama

Vandy is going into T-Town this weekend to play Nick Saban's guys (7PM on ESPNU). Vandy had this past weekend off so there was plenty of time to watch the tape.  

So, how do you lead off your game week presser when you're a massive underdog heading into Nick's house?

Well, if you're James Franklin, you lead off talking about how you are leading the nation in interceptions, then go on to say that your guys are 4 slots ahead of Alabama in turnover margin in the SEC.  At this point, most of the reporters in the room are looking at you like you have just woken the dead.  

Franklin then came around to conventional logic and gushed about how good Saban's defense is, "Collectively this is the best unit I've seen since I've been coaching college football. They are as big as any defense as I've ever seen...."  Great offensive line, excellent running backs, very good special teams, etc...

Franklin eluded to possibly have some tricks up his sleeve planned for special teams against Bama as well.  

A reporter asked if Alabama has any weaknesses.  Franklin's response, "Every team has some weaknesses" but then couldn't name one. 


No Hank Williams Jr. on MNF tonight

Regardless of whether he's "ready for some football" or not, Hank Williams Jr. will not be shown on Monday Night Football tonight.

Hank went on TV this morning and somehow analogized Obama to Hitler in calling this summer's golf game involving Obama, Biden and Boehner as "one of the biggest political mistakes ever...It would be like Hitler playing golf with Benjamin Netanyahu." 

Ought to be fun to see what ESPN airs instead. 

For those that care, here's the interview in which Hank made the remarks.



Bob Stoops is dialed in

Bob Stoops knows how hard it is to even get to a national championship game.  These days, you've pretty much got to win them all...or have a whole lot of luck (see LSU 2007 season)...and you need some big wins on national TV.  He knows that a big win over Texas this weekend would go a long way towards helping that cause.

Accordingly, Stoops has made a few changes this week.  Rather than practicing on their practice fields (which are fairly open), Stoops had his guys practice in the stadium.  He also has closed practice this week to former players, parents and boosters.  No leaks.

We like it.   


A lot of people attend the AFCA convention

We love going to the AFCA.  Great place to catch up with coaches, learn some things and share a few laughs.

They always have good instructional courses and very good speakers.  We like all of that. 

Depending on who's counting, somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 people attend the AFCA.  If you market anything to coaches, you probably pay the freight and have a booth.  Nothing wrong with that.  

But, here's what we don't get. There are a number of magazines that get handed out at the AFCA. Some of them have good content. Some portion of the coaches there will open the magazines and some will flip through the articles.  Last week, we were approached by a number of publications asking us to advertise in the magazines...at the small cost of a few thousand dollars.  Wait, what?  

Please step back from the ledge.  No, we did not choose to purchase any advertising (never have in 13 years).  

For what it's worth, during the Monday and Tuesday of last year's AFCA, total number of unique visitors to FootballScoop.com was 45,957.  Those 45,000 people visited the site 129,000 times those two days and spent an average of 2:55 seconds with us each time they came.  

If anyone out there wants to invest a few thousand advertising for 2 days, we'd be more than happy to accomodate your needs ([email protected]).  

That is all.