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Manny Diaz: Our offense has TE's coming out of helicopters and secret holes in the ground

Texas defensive coordinator Manny Diaz believes the Longhorns’ defense will benefit greatly from going against the numerous formations, shifts, and motions that the Texas offense incorporates.

The multiple formations make it difficult to even get lined up as a defense.

Diaz explained, “The first thing you have to do on defense is get lined up.  With our offense, tight ends are coming out of helicopters and coming out of secret holes in the ground, so you’re constantly just struggling to even give yourself a chance before the play begins.

“But that makes us better because what we are trying to sell to our players is that going against them every day in practice, when we get in a game and they are just standing there, our kids are going to be like, ‘Coach, what are they doing?’  We just get to line up and play. That’s what you want.  You want the games to hopefully physically easier, but for sure want them to be mentally easier. I think that’s the advantage of going against our offense.”

After the first couple of practices, Diaz loves the sense of confidence on defense.

“What you can see on our team is confidence.  It’s been hot outside and our players haven’t blinked.  They haven’t complained about a thing.  That comes with confidence.  When you have confidence in your conditioning level and confidence in your strength level, you start to realize you can accomplish some things you were sure you could do before.  And that’s been a tribute to our strength staff and what they did this summer.”

When asked if a true freshman could play at defensive tackle, Diaz responded, “Yeah, no doubt.  We are an equal opportunity employer.  We will play the best players.”


Joe Paterno injured during Penn State practice

Eighty-four year old Joe Paterno has suffered injuries to his right arm and hip due to a collision with a player during Sunday’s practice.

According to the official Penn State website, Paterno walked away after the collision and not expected to require surgery.  Reportedly, 5'7 157 wide receiver Devon Smith collided with Paterno as the head coach was taking notes.

ESPN’s Joe Schad is reporting there is a hairline fracture.

Paterno said today, “I expect to be back at practice soon. I'm doing fine; tell everyone not to worry about me. I like the effort I have seen from the squad during our first few practices, but we have a long way to go to get ready for the schedule we have."

Tough break for the Hall of Fame coach, who one broke his leg during a 2006 game against Wisconsin.

Emotional Video: As a coach, ever wonder what your family is missing?

As a coach, do you ever wonder what your family is missing when you are consumed in your job?

SI.com released a video today called Inside the Private World of Urban Meyer.

You don’t want to miss the highly emotional interview with Coach Meyer’s daughter, Nicki, as she talks about the moment her father decided to retire.

Urban said, “Nicki is the one who said, ‘Dad you don’t need to do coach.  You don’t have to do this.’  I was like, ‘You’re right.’”

Nicki said, “He asked me, ‘How would you feel if I retired?’  I was like ‘Why?  When are you thinking about doing this?’ I was thinking in the back of my mind like ok five years.  He was like, ‘2 days from now.’”

Nicki added, “I just lost it.  Just so happy.  Just relieved that I was going to have my dad back after these 10 years of watching him work so hard.  It was like one of the best feelings I’ll ever had.  I remember looking at him and saying I would support that more than anything if you could just get yourself together again and be happy.  Cuz he wasn’t happy and all of us knew it.  Everyone knew it.”

The interview is chilling.  Take a look.

ESPN goes LIVE inside Charlie Weis' position meeting

Will Muschamp has given ESPN unprecedented access to the Florida program today.  The ESPN cameras have already shown LIVE footage of DJ Durkin’s special teams meeting and just finished filming Charlie Weis’ quarterback position meeting.  Later on, ESPN will be LIVE inside the Gator’s staff meeting.

This morning, Jesse Palmer asked Weis to talk about the biggest challenge of installing a new offense.

Weis said, “I think that teaching football is no different than teaching in a class.  I think what you have to make sure is that you don’t give the students more than they are capable of learning.  I think one of biggest errors that you can make in coaching is trying to do more than your collective group is capable of doing. “

“We predicate our whole offense on the quarterback being an extension of the coaching staff.  So if the quarterback struggles on something, then we just throw it out.  There is no sense having it in there if he is really not capable of doing it himself.  The odds of it being successful are slim to none.”

You can watch a replay of Weis’ position meeting, right here.

Video: Crimson Tide strength coach inspires team

Alabama practiced inside Bryant-Denny Stadium on Sunday afternoon and we’ve got the film of the Crimson Tide stretching at the start of practice.

Big deal, right?  It can’t be that entertaining, could it?

You make the call.

Watch director of strength & conditioning Scott Cochran use his booming voice to inspire the Crimson Tide.  Several pre-practice Red Bulls?

Obviously, the guy is pretty darn good.  In fact, during the off-season, Cochran received a new two-year contract that will pay him $290,000 this season and $310,000 next season.

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Video: Jon Embree not happy with WR's, offers solid rant after practice

Colorado head coach Jon Embree isn't exactly fired up about the play the Buffaloes are getting at wide receiver.

Embree went on a little rant after Sunday’s practice.  He said, “We got one wide receiver at this point.  Nobody wants to step up, so we’ll just play with one.  We got guys running wrong routes, guys can’t compete for balls in traffic.  Guess what?  You’re not going to be open when we catch the ball. You gotta catch the ball in traffic. If you can’t catch the ball in traffic, you can’t play.  We find someone or we’ll just play with one.”

Embree added, “Herm Edwards use to say habits form who you are.  His habits (the one guy), for the most part, are pretty good.  Some other these guys, don’t have the same habits and it comes out on the field.  No one just turns on a switch.  No one can just turn on a switch and do it.”

We starting the think Embree will be good for some quotes this year.

The Buffaloes open up at Hawaii.  Please, ESPN 2.  Be sure to get a halftime interview with Embree.  We believe it could be even more entertaining than Lane Kiffin’s halftime interview at Hawaii from a year ago.

Rocky Long speaks the dead honest truth to begin press conference

It’s not often that a head coach starts a press conference like Rocky Long did today.  In his defense, it seems like head coaches have been talking to the media every day for two weeks.

How about this for an opening statement:

Rocky Long: “Ahh, I don’t know what you want to know cuz I don’t have much to say.  I’ve been talking for two weeks every day about this.  I’m sick and tired of talking about it.  We excited about starting practice tomorrow.  Wish we could start today.”

(Long pause & silence)

“Did you want more than that?” (plenty of laughter from reporters)

At one point, Long was once again dead honest with a reporter when asked a generic question.

Long said smilingly, “Gee, I’ve answered this question about 9,000 times now.”  He then politely and briefly touched on a couple of things the reporter wanted to know about offense, defense, and special teams.

So coach, how would you describe your coaching staff?

“Haha, why don’t you come to practice and then describe it for me?” (Not kidding.  That was Long’s reply.)

The point is, Long is just ready to hit the practice fields and understandably so.  There’s only so much you can say about your team.

On Monday, Long begins his first August camp as a head coach since 2008, his last season at New Mexico.

Long said, “I can’t sleep at night.  It wasn’t until about a week ago until that that happened.  And so that’s normal. The last two years (as defensive coordinator), I slept pretty good.  I never use to sleep when I was a head coach before.  So obviously I know I’m a head coach again because I can’t sleep.  I’m not nervous  whatsoever because I’ve done it before and I know what to expect, but I do have butterflies in my stomach today that I did not have yesterday.  Like I said, I was sleeping fine until about a week ago.  I assume that because the football season is here.”