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Luther staff issues a challenge
Nebraska's top recruiting tool?

Video: A day in the life of a Tiger student-athlete (dunk contest included)

Memphis released this video earlier today profiling the daily life of one of their players.

The cameras follow around senior linebacker Charles Harris for a day from the time he walks out of the house in the morning to breakfast, to his first class, to a "team activity" (which just happens to be an intense game of dodgeball, and a dunk contest at a facility of trampolines), and finally back to his place for the night.

For college programs that can't get recruits on campus as much as they'd like, this is a great, cost-effective alternative.

Updated: Some of the Best Graphics in Football

Last week I noted how impressed I have been over the past year or two with the graphics Ohio State's Sammy Silverman creates. I said at the time that his have to be top 5 in the country and solicited input from others. 

Well, one week later, I haven't found anyone who can knock him off the top rung. 

A number of programs sent in some very cool graphics. Some that were player specific for recruiting can't be shared; but some of those were awfully fine. Will see what we can do in the future to share some of those. 

With that said, I've created a quick collection on Exposure to share some of the ones that were sent in. There are more and we'll add to this collection later today and this week.

We certainly welcome additional submissions ([email protected] or @FootballScoop).  

Cat or no cat, Bo Pelini has spring football figured out

Spring football is about evaluation, about getting better, about trying new things and about getting the ball rolling so your team can hit the ground running in early August. First and foremost, that's what spring football will always be about.

But it's also about having fun. Football should always be fun, and spring football especially so since the crucible of game day is still more than four months away. 

Bo Pelini isn't anyone's depiction of fun during a fall Saturday, but the man knows how to make spring football fun for his players. By now you're surely aware of his move Saturday, for which he won the highly mythical FootballScoop Spring Game National Championship for a second straight year. 

Pelini's public image has taken a sharp turn since November, when he dared the Huskers' administration for fire him following a loss to Iowa in the regular-season finale. The Gator Bowl defeat of Georgia was the turning point, and now Operation Turnaround has Nebraska's arrow pointed upward heading into the 2014 season. 

A happy player is a productive player and an invested player, and Pelini - with a little help from that darn cat - now has a locker room full of them. 

Video: Rutgers gave two special fans an unforgettable moment to wrap up practice

Last year during the spring game Nebraska handed the ball to Jack Hoffman, a seven-year old cancer survivor who bolted 69 yards for a touchdown, with help from the Cornhuskers. It was the ultimate feel good moment of the spring football season, and is a memory that football fans across the country will remember for a very long time.

At the conclusion of Rutgers' ninth spring practice, Kyle Flood helped to facilitate a special moment with two Scarlet Knight fans by having them participate in the final play of practice. The two kids, confined to a wheelchair, broke out of the huddle and pulled of a reverse that went to the house to end practice.

It may not have all the hype and fanfare of a spring game, but that's really not what these kind of moments are about. It's about providing the players and the participants a moment that they will cherish for a lifetime. Flood recognizes that you don't need a spring game for that.

Special Guests at @RFootball Spring Practice #9 from Rutgers Football on Vimeo.


Photos: Purdue, Colorado release new facilities renderings

Just as rising tides lift all boats, massive television contracts can elevate even struggling football programs. Purdue and Colorado are a combined 31-68 this decade but, thanks to their respective memberships in the Big Ten and Pac-12, each program can install massive upgrades to their football homes.

Colorado will break ground on a new facility on May 12, and will complete a new facility in time for the 2015 season. "It'll be transformational for our athletic department," said athletics director Rick George. "It's going to allow us to create a great experience for our student-athletes. We think it's going to help us compete for and win championships, and we think it's going to help us to be responsible fiscally over time. We're really excited for what it will do for our athletic department and our community."

In West Lafayette, the Boilermakers aren't as far along as Colorado, releasing just one rendering of what Ross-Ade Stadium's new south end zone could look like. Local news reports that social media feedback indicates the rendering "lacks originality." Tough crowd.

Sometimes the simplest things send the most powerful message

When it comes to dominating in the playoffs, Grand Valley State University has one of the most impressive Division II resumes in the country since 2000. That streak includes four national titles, which included back to back titles and undefeated seasons in 2005 and 2006.

Apparently, it's even more impressive when it's compared to their fellow GLIAC conference comrades, as they illustrate here in this infographic. Sometimes the simplest things send the most powerful messages...and it doesn't get much simpler (and more powerful) than this.

Recruits considering the Lakers will love this one and its message.

While the run depicted is obviously impressive, I couldn't help but to think of how great the same idea would look coming from D-III Mount Union, or Wisconsin-Whitewater.


Video: NC State is 'Happy' at practice. We're talking about practice

Remember last week North Carolina's Gunter Brewer revealed a "huge coaching secret" while dancing with his guys before practice, well now NC State is doing a bit of the same during practice.

Next to winning, seeing guys have a blast at practice (yes, we're talking about practice here) has got to be one of the most powerful recruiting tools that coaches have direct control over.

With UNC and NC State now knocked off the list, it looks like the ball is in the court of Wake Forest, Duke, ECU and the rest of the Carolina schools to one up their fellow in state schools. Do they want in on this action?

Watch Miami players flip out over their new uniforms

What could possibly get Miami's football team this excited? A new blitz package? An extra day of practice? Or maybe it's new uniforms.

Yep, it's definitely new uniforms.

The 'Canes debuted these before their spring game on Saturday. 

11 Miami uniform

11 Miami helmet

Those lines behind the U logo are an exploded version of this alternate logo. 

11 Miami jersey

11 Miami shoulder

11 Miami pants

View the whole set here.