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Tibesar's experience in CFL helped him tremendously

ESPN's Big Ten writer, Adam Rittenberg, got the opportunity to sit down and talk with newly hired Purdue defensive coordinator Tim Tibesar recently.

Tibesar said that the he was happy with his job calling the defense for the CFL's Montreal Alouettes but Purdue was an opportunity that fit every category that he was looking for, including "working with great people".

Tibesar also told Rittenberg that his experience in the CFL helped him grow tremendously as a coach because it forced him to solve problems that most coaches back in the states didn't have an answer for.

"You've got problems that don't come up in the states, with multiple players going in motion and 12 guys on the field. So I felt like it was a great growing opportunity for me from a schematic standpoint and learning the science of the game." he said of his experience up north. 

Stanford gettin edgy: "How we do it over here"

Another day, another great video. Today we're rollin with Stanford football.

As you might have seen on here from time to time, Stanford undoubtedly puts out some great videos. Most of them are well produced, polished and even polite. 

This video however, gets a little edgy for Stanford. Give it a look. 

This is how you are going to work out at the University of Houston

Tony Levine recently hired Brian Odom as his director of football strength & conditioning. Odom had been at the University of Arizona for the past four seasons as associate director of performance enhancement (nice title). 

Good video below from Houston featuring Odom talking about his role in preparing each player.

Gannett vs. FootballScoop

Gannett, the nation's largest newspaper publisher, announced this morning that by year end they will switch over all of their 80 community newspaper websites to a paid model in which the user has to pay a monthly fee to gain access to be able to read articles and learn the news. 

Far and away Gannett's largest newspaper asset is USA Today (note that at this time they did not announce that USA Today would switch to the paid model).

FootballScoop, modestly smaller than Gannett, is announcing by this post that we plan to remain free to the people! 

In other news, Gannett also noted that they planned to return $1.3 billion to shareholders over the next three years. FootballScoop has no such plans. 

The final cut: Vandy signing day

Over the past few weeks, we've highlighted signing day at numerous different schools...but once again, Vandy has done a great job with their video. 

James Franklin and Vandy just released their final cut from signing day in Nashville and it doesn't disappoint.

Titles mean little, legacy is everything

After twenty years as a major college assistant, Jimmy Ray Stephens has decided to return to his roots at the high school level and continue to build on his legacy.

Stephens will be recommended as the next head coach at Walton high school in Florida and he says that it would be a welcome change for him on both a personal and professional level. “I’ve been miserable the last couple of years, I just felt like it was time for a change.”

“After spending 20 years in college football, it was a good 20 years, it was a great run, but I think I’ve gotten to the point now where I want to matter” Stephens said. “I feel like, by going back to high school coaching and being the head coach myself and doing my thing the way I believe in doing things and making a difference in young people’s live...I’m not sure you can get much of that done at the college level." he added.

Going from the major college level to high school is quite the change, but it sounds to us like Coach Stephens is doing it for all the right reasons. It's a nice reminder that titles mean very little compared to the legacy that coaches have the opportunity to leave in  their players lives.

Pelini looking to recruit more efficiently

A local reporter asked Bo Pelini how he measures toughness in a recruit, "Part of it is simply finding guys who do things the right way, you also look for guys who step up in big parts of the game, and guys who handle adversity." he responded.

Pelini added that while it is important that you do your homework and ask people surrounding the recruit, you also have to ask the right questions. That is why Pelini has enlisted the help of a firm of research professionals to help his staff ask the right questions and evaluate recruits more efficiently.

"They're working to help us to not only ask the right questions, but teach us what to listen for when we ask the questions and get more insight in the limited amount of time we're with recruits," Pelini said of the researchers. He added that the most important aspect is knowing what key words and reactions to assess as you ask the questions. 

Pelini hopes to have half of their 2013 recruiting class in place by the end of the summer. 

Fuente talks spring ball

First year head coach Justin Fuente and Memphis start spring practices today at 4pm. Fuente met with the media yesterday to talk about how things have been going since his arrival, and his expectations for going into spring ball.

Fuente says that they have broken up the bulk of practices into three main segments. They will go the first five days, then evaluate the progress over their spring break and then regroup and adjust schemes and personnel as necessary for the next five days of practice, and then focus on finishing strong with the last five days.

Coach Fuente said that it was awkward when they first broke up for position meetings and he "just stood there with nothing to do" and had to stop himself from going into the quarterbacks meeting. He said there is going to be lot of those moments in the spring and fall where he is so conditioned to going to a certain drill at a certain time during practice because that's what he has done the past decade.

"Our objective (for spring ball) is the health of the team, the knowledge base, teaching them how to practice and prepare" Fuente said about what their focus will be. "There are no 1's and 2's at this point". Fuente stressed the importance of this because when the freshman report in the fall, he wants the upperclassmen to teach those expectations to the new guys, which is a luxury he doesn't have now.