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Need to borrow some clothes?

It's not supposed to be cold in Arizona, right?

Oklahoma State is in town preparing for the Fiesta Bowl and the players and coaches realized that it gets a bit nippy at night in the desert. 

Take 10 seconds and see how Todd Monken adapted. Smooth.

Wednesday TV

Two bowl games on tonight.

All times are eastern.


No games.


Military Bowl:  Toledo vs. Air Force - 4:30 - ESPN

Holiday Bowl: California vs. Texas - 9 - ESPN

High School:

No games.

Video: Ferentz offers to "muster one up"

Kirk Ferentz took some time to meet with the media as the Hawkeyes prepared for the Insight Bowl, but didn't give them alot of the answers that they were looking for. 

When asked about specific players, Ferentz would respond with "that's possible", along with some other vague answers.

Ferentz then commended them on their great sources...and the rest you've got to hear for yourself. 


Texas HS games draws more fans than bowls

Two Texas state championship games have drawn more fans than any bowl game that has been played thus far.

The New Orleans Bowl (Louisiana Lafayette vs. San Diego State) has been the most attended game so far with a head count of 42,841 and last nights Independence Bowl (Missouri vs. North Carolina) wasn't too far behind with 41,728 in attendance.

According to Clay Travis, the two Texas games that drew more fans than any bowl game were match ups between Southlake Carrol and Fort Bend Hightower (42,896), and Aledo and Manuel (43,369). The Aledo vs. Manuel game was the fifth largest crowd to ever see a Texas high school football game.

This is further indisputable proof that Texas high school football is king.

Oregon unveils Rose Bowl uniforms

Oregon has unveiled their Rose Bowl uniform combinations. While their uniform combos are not normally big news, this one was worth noting.

The helmets feature an duck style wing on the helmet, and a two tone face mask.

Very sharp looking for the grandaddy of uniform combinations.




Tuesday TV

A double dip of bowl action on tap tonight.

All times are eastern.


No games.


Little Caesars Bowl: Western Michigan vs. Purdue - 4:30 - ESPN

Belk Bowl: Louisville vs. NC State - 8 - ESPN

High School:

No games.

Letting your seniors have some fun

These guys have worked hard for four seasons (at least). Let them have some fun at the end. 

Some of these are pretty good.

Video: Mizzou getting ready for UNC

Missouri plays North Carolina tonight at 5 on ESPN2. 

While most of Missouri's time has been spent preparing for the Independence Bowl against North Carolina, the team took some time to sing some Christmas carols yesterday.

We've got the video below cued up to show you the coaching staff singing a favorite Christmas song; but if you want do so some advance scouting on Mizzou feel free to watch the video from the beginning and see how each class looks (to cut to the chase, the true freshman (who are second in the video) look impressive in street clothes).