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Wisconsin's Rose Bowl uniforms

Wisconsin finally gave us a peek at their Rose Bowl uniforms after weeks of speculation.

The new uniforms have some mild changes, including the addition of a rose pattern inside of the trademark "W" on the side of the helmet, and within the numbers.

Very classy, subtle changes for the Badgers.



You can't coach this

We've implemented a new rule at FootballScoop...if you write an article aimed at coaches' wives, you must immediately follow that up with a video of guys eating hundreds of pounds of beef. 

Wisconsin and Oregon took part in a great Rose Bowl tradition yesterday, getting a chance to grab some prime rib at Lawry's in Beverly Hills.

The Badgers threw down an impressive 723 pounds of prime rib, over 100 more pounds than the Ducks who consumed 612 pounds of the signature dish.

In a performance that would make offensive line coach Bob Bostad proud, lineman Travis Frederick plowed through 8 servings of prime rib by himself (beating his previous record of 7 servings last year)...and added that he had room for more if time had permitted.

This one is for the wives

We don't often write articles on this site aimed at coaches wives (OK, we've probably never done it before); but this video resonated with us. 

Stanford special teams coordinator Brian Polian's wife Laura filmed a short clip for Stanford Athletics this week while in Scottsdale for the Fiesta Bowl.  The first minute or so of the video is Laura talking about the hotel where the team is staying...that's not the part that resonated with us.

Later in the segment she speaks about watching her husband coach. She mentions that she thinks he's a great coach, great mentor, etc...then she says sometimes she wishes he was a little softer on the players... (and then the clouds parted, sunlight appeared...cue the FootballScoop music)..."but that's his job...and they recognize he can't be soft on them".  

This clip should be required viewing for all prospective coaches wives. Well said Laura.

Baylor vs. Washington...unreal

Baylor and Washington set numerous records last night including the highest scoring regulation bowl game in history.

The 123 points shattered the previous regulation record of 102 set by Marshall and East Carolina in in the 2001 GMAC Bowl, where they went into double overtime and combined to score 125 points (which is still the overall bowl record).

The two teams also combined for 1,397 yards (Washington - 620, Baylor - 777) and 17 touchdowns, both setting new bowl records.

Washington quarterback Keith Price threw only 4 incompletions as he went 23 of 27 for 438 yards and 4 touchdowns, while rushing for another 3. Running back Terrance Ganaway ran for over 200 yards and had 5 rushing touchdowns for the Bears. Ganaway was one of three Bears to rush for over 100 yards on the day.

We have confirmed that the offensive game plans for both teams were pretty good. 

Friday TV

Four bowl games on tonight (starting at noon), five tomorrow and plenty of NFL action on Sunday. It's the start of a great football weekend.

All times are eastern.


No games.


Armed Forces Bowl: BYU vs. Tulsa - Noon - ESPN

Pin Stripe Bowl: Rutgers vs. Iowa State - 3:20 - ESPN

Music City Bowl: Wake Forest vs. Mississippi State - 5:40 - ESPN

Insight Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Iowa - 10 - ESPN

High School:

No games.

Chizik as defensive coordinator

Auburn defensive backs coach Tommy Thigpen was asked today what he thought of Gene Chizik's role of defensive coordinator for the bowl game.

"He is very detail oriented" Thigpen said. He added that accountability and intensity have been the biggest changes so far. On occasion, Thigpen said that Chizik will ask a question, goes over it for 30 minutes, and when you see him again on the practice field, you'd better be sure to have the correct answer or "you got to deal with it" he said with a grin.

"It makes guys accountable. When they are in the meeting rooms, you can see them scrambling, taking notes and making sure that when they go on the football field, they do exactly what he told them to do to carry it over to the practice field. It's been intense." Coach Thigpen added.

Coach Thigpen has some great insight in the interview below.

Coolest trophy up for grabs tomorrow night

Tomorrow night's Armed Forces Bowl features BYU and Tulsa, as well as possibly the coolest trophy of any bowl game.

The Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl Trophy is comprised of actual elements obtained from the battlefields in Iraq. Those materials include parts from tanks and helicopters and the trophy weighs in at over 50 pounds.

The video below (although from last year), does a great job highlighting the making of the trophy and everything that goes into it. 

Behind the scenes of Oregon's newest uniform addition

The last pictures that we posted on Oregon's uniforms didn't include the newest addition to the helmet. The new glossy coat (dubbed "LiquidMetal" by its maker Hydro Graphics) is the first of its kind and takes chrome to the next level.

Hydro Graphics is the same company that brought us the controversial "Maryland Pride" helmets to kick off the season, as well as Notre Dame's new bright gold helmets that they wore for the USC game.

The people at Hydro Graphics had to sign a non-disclosure agreement on this design that prohibited employees from bringing their cell phones or cameras onto the shop floor, and restricted vendors to the production floor to keep things under wraps until it was unveiled to the public Tuesday. They also blacked out all their windows for good measure.

The finished product can be seen below.


Screen Shot_2011-12-29_at_9.37.32_AM

Screen Shot_2011-12-29_at_9.37.43_AM