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Video: Zook slalom water skiing just before camp

Ever wonder what coaches do on their last weekend off before August camp begins?

The Illinois coaching staff and their families got together at the lake for some water skiing, tubing, food, fun & games.

Zook said, “It’s a day for families.  It’s just a lot of fun.  It’s a lot of fun to be together, to be one, because starting tomorrow, you don’t have the time together that you do right now.”

Based on the video below, Ron Zook has no problems with slalom water skiing.   And he’s not concerned about top end speeds.

Gotta admit, this is pretty impressive stuff from The Zooker.

Video: The all-time biggest prank involving college football

It was called, “Operation Iron Snare.”

Nearly a dozen suspects were arrested in Alabama last week for unpaid child support.

So how did the sheriff’s office reel in the suspects?  You won’t believe it, but the Lee County sheriff’s office orchestrated a setup by luring the suspects to free Iron Bowl tickets.

Each suspect had previously received a letter in the mail stating they had won free tickets to the 2011 Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn.  All the suspects had to do was show up last Friday to pick up their tickets.

Talk about unhappy endings…

You’re not going to believe the behind-the-scenes video.


UGA QB describes intense meeting: Richt is ready to fight someone right now

Georgia practiced for the first time on Thursday, but word has circulated of a pretty intense team meeting on Wednesday night. 

Perhaps Mark Richt let loose some of his frustration from all of the off-season distracting questions about his future.  Richt, not surprisingly, handled everything smoothly with the media since then end of last season, but you have to know that he’s boiling inside and ready for another SEC championship. 

According to quarterback Aaron Murray, Richt lit into the ‘Dawgs pretty good during the team meeting. 

Murray called it "my favorite speech Coach Richt has given in three years. He was pumped up, energized, motivating.” 

He added, “I walked out of the room like, 'Wow.' I know as players we're ready to go, but Coach Richt is ready to go out there and fight someone right now. I talked to some of the players and they loved it, too.”

Although Murray wouldn’t add many more details, he did admit, “What happens in the team meeting room stays in the team meeting room. I went out of there ready to play Boise State at 10 o'clock last night."

Richt hinted that he talked about the preseason camp of 2002, the year the Bulldogs won the SEC and finished 13-1.

Richt said, "It hasn't been 20 years. I guess it's been five or six, which is too long in my mind. We talked a little bit about the mindset of the team and the program going into 2002."

Lane Kiffin fired up following practice #1

USC opened camp on Thursday night and Lane Kiffin was extremely pleased with the physical condition of the Trojans. 

The Trojans practiced for 2 hours and 58 minutes.  Eight players cramped up, but Kiffin said that was due to the high level of work the players were putting in.

Kiffin said, “Today, to me, showed an unbelievable job by our strength staff in the offseason and our players commitment to doing things right. I hope what you see, what I saw today, we look different. We look different than we did a year ago, even in the spring.”

“We look bigger, we look faster, we look stronger. It’s a great credit to Aaron Ausmus and his staff and to these guys for buying into that. I know it’s day one, but I love where they are at physically and mentally. We challenged them with stuff we’ve never done before at the end of practice, after practice, not one guy complaining about it. Now we got to put all this talent and all this hard work down and put the pieces into place.”

After looking the Gladiators of the Coliseum, it looks like the Trojans don’t have many slappys.

Purdue unveils new uniforms. We've got some questions.

Purdue unveiled their new Nike Pro Combat uniforms today. Please, draw your own conclusions, but we do have a couple of questions.

1. Are the Boilermakers trying to fool the audience by looking like Army or Idaho when they wear the black jerseys / gold pants?

2. See #47?  How would he fit in at Maryland today under Randy Edsall’s new rules?  (UPDATE: @CoachGrasmick has alerted us via twitter that #47 is an extra from Pirates of the Caribbean.)

3. Is Purdue totally against having “Purdue” on the jerseys?

4. Seriously, is Purdue renting these uniforms from a Texas 2A high school? 

5. Will anyone know that Purdue is playing on TV when the Boilers wear “all white?”


Edsall channels his inner Tom Coughlin, new rules for the Terps

Before hitting the practice fields for the first time in August camp as the head coach of the Maryland Terrapins, Randy Edsall held one last press conference today.

According to DeadSpin (Why are the covering Maryland football?), Edsall made it clear that the program has some new rules.

Edsall channeled his inner Tom Coughlin, today.  Some of the strict new rules include:

1. Physical punishment for being late

2. No earrings

3. No do-rags or baseball caps

4. Neatly trimmed facial hair at all times

Edsall didn’t address is apparent taste for Wiz Khalifa, but he did talk further about the new uniforms.

"I am not a name-on-the-back-of-the-jersey guy," said Edsall. “But if you want to compete, really compete in the big-time world of college football recruiting, you've got to accommodate those who are name-on-the-back guys.”

Jedd Fisch explains the 'Canes offensive scheme and practice philosophy

Miami (FL) offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Jedd Fisch has served on coaching staffs under Spurrier, Brian Billick, and Mike Shanahan.  A year ago, Fisch coached the quarterbacks under Pete Carroll in Seattle.

Today, Fisch explained his offensive scheme and practice philosophy to Sun Sentinel writer Steve Gorten.

Fisch explained,”I would say the greatest influence on our offense would be Coach Shanahan in regards to what we do. I think Coach Billick has the greatest impact in terms of how we do it, and I think Coach Spurrier’s impact is that in the back of mind always it’s OK to take a chance and go for it.”

“If you turned our film on, Coach Shanahan would recognize the plays more than anyone else because it’s from the book we ran in Denver and Seattle. If you stood in our meeting room, Coach Billick would recognize how it’s being installed and the terminology.”

What about practice style?

Fisch made a very interesting comparison.  He said, “One thing I believe in 100 percent is when you’re at practice, you have to treat it like a driving range. You have to try out all your clubs. If you just keep hitting a 7-iron and just hope you can get 160 yards straight ahead every time, you’re never going to birdie a hole. So you’ve got to try.”

“You don’t need to be Phil Mickelson and try everything, but you need to try a lot and see what it looks like. So I do encourage them to try different throws. Don’t feel like you always have to hit that primary guy all the time. You can work your progressions.”

The Hurricanes open at Maryland on Monday night, September 4th.  

Steve Kragthorpe relinquishes OC role due to Parkinson's disease

On the same day that LSU is set to begin August camp, the university has announced that offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Steve Kragthorpe has stepped down due to Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson's disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system. It results from the death of dopamine-containing cells in a region of the midbrain; the cause of cell-death is unknown. Early in the course of the disease, the most obvious symptoms are movement-related, including shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement and difficulty with walking and gait. Later, cognitive and behavioral problems may arise, with dementia commonly occurring in the advanced stages of the disease.

Offensive line coach Greg Studrawa has been elevated to offensive coordinator.  Kragthorpe will stay involved with the program and continue to coach the quarterbacks.

Kragthorpe told Randy Rosetta of The Advocate, "I hope for the next 8-10 or 14 years, I can be here coaching quarterbacks."

Please keep Coach Kragthorpe and his family in your thoughts.