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We're not gonna have any finesse DB's

New Aggie defensive coordinator Mark Snyder got mic'd up as he led his defensive backs through some individual work, and the Oklahoma drill yesterday.

Snyder said that he is more impressed with the toughness this secondary than any group that he has ever been around. That's impressive considering the Aggies have gotten through just their sixth spring practice.

"It's amazing, some of the programs that I have been in, DB's think they're cool and they backpedal and all they do is cover. Well we'll have no finesse DB's" Snyder said after practice.

Mic'd up in Corvallis (Coach Cav)

Offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh got mic'd up for spring practice in Corvallis yesterday and the results are worth taking a look at.

Coach Cav, who is in his eighth year at Oregon State, has got a thin group to work with in this spring and he says his guys are getting a ton of reps and he's been able to slow things down as well and work in some extra "teach periods" during practice.


Spring highlights at Indiana

Indiana has done a good job all offseason highlighting their off season workout efforts and spring practices, and with their spring game on Saturday they were able to put together a nice highlight of the team getting after it on the practice field.

Well done video starting with the nice serene Bloomington community in the spring, before cutting to the guys putting in work on the field.

When you win championships, you get rings

While the Bearcats were out practicing yesterday in their final practice before the spring game, the Big East championship rings arrived and the team was surprised afterwards with their new bling.

"It's all about, in all sports, is when you win a championship, you get a championship ring because that ring tells a story. It tells a story of all the trials and tribulations that go into winning a championship and the way we do things here is we're going to do things first class." Butch Jones added afterwards

The Bearcats defense finished in the top ten nationally in rushing defense (#6), turnover margin (#9), sacks (#2) and tackles for loss (#1), and you can tell from the interviews with the players in this clip that the coaching staff has them hungry to add another ring this season.

Spurrier up to old antics

Steve Spurrier, entering his eighth season at South Carolina, is ten wins away from becoming the schools all time winningest head coach. He recently sat down with ESPN's Chris Low and in classic Spurrier fashion, just let it rip.

The old ball coach talks about the raised expectations of the South Carolina faithful, his plans for retirement, who has the hardest coaching job in the country, and some fascinating insight on who he thinks is the best coach in the SEC and why. 

The full article can be read here.

Golden on the importance of youth camps

Al Golden talked with reporters earlier today about the upcoming spring game on Saturday, as well as how youth and high school camps play a huge role for them in recruiting.

During his time at Temple, Golden says that 80% of their signees attended their camps, and at Miami last season 60% of their signees attended the Hurricanes' camp. Golden explains that he doesn't think you can offer someone based solely off of their camp performance but instead used the the recruits evaluation in camp in combination with checking the students transcripts and character to really get the big picture. He compares it to the evaluation process of the NFL saying, "It's like they say at the combine, it's the last piece of the puzzle". The difference for them is that it can also be the first piece that really sparks an interest and gets the ball rolling.

After talking about the importance of keeping camp costs low to make it affordable for the inner city youth and how he and his staff are sure to coach the campers up just like they coach their scholarship athletes, Golden said something that really perked our attention.

According to Golden, they had 270 campers in 2010. That number exploded to over 1600 in last years camp, in part due to a one day option that the staff provided. Regardless of how, that's an impressive attendance increase.

Golden says that he expects the spring game on Saturday to be about 100 plays long, and laughed saying he understands the television producers in attendance are going to be pushing for the 2 hour mark regardless of the number of plays run.

Under Armour testing gear at Maryland

Under Armour has taken some gear down the road to spring practices at College Park to test out some new gear including cleats and a "no-grab" jersey.

Walker Jones of Under Armour explains that being just down the road from the Terps campus allows them to bring their latest and greatest gear to practice to see how it holds up in the real life lab.

This week they were testing out jerseys (we know what your thinking), cleats, and arm sleeves and, as with all their products that they test, Jones explained that they wanted to see how durable they were, how it fits, and if it provides a competitive advantage. There's no better place to do that than the field.

Good insight Under Armour's testing and development side of things below.

Davie: "It doesn't matter if we play in quicksand"

Right after the New Mexico players stretched yesterday, Bob Davie kicked off practice with a scrimmage. Next time, he says they may not even stretch.

Davie wanted to stress the tempo of practice and hammer home the message that when they put their helmet on, it's time to go.

"If you come out here and you don't have the tempo, you have to manage the environment, and the only way I know to get the tempo better is to say it's full speed". Davie went on to explain that if they let the players just "ooze" around the practice field, they'll do just that.

Davie believes that games are won and lost up front, so the linemen on both sides of the ball get treated very well. They put in extra work in the weight room, sit at the front of the travel bus, and also have assigned seats in the front row of the meeting room.

At the end of the clip one reporter asks about the advantages that they have with a turf playing surface when all but two teams in the conference play on grass. Davie responded by saying "We're just trying to make a first down, right now it doesn't matter if we play in quicksand, or if we play on concrete."