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Mic'd up at Cinci

Cincinnati running backs coach Roy Manning got mic'd up for practice recently, and the video guys mixed it up with commentary from offensive coordinator Mike Bajakian, and some insight from the players on what Coach Manning brings to the table.

The first drill, Manning has some fun poking at the running backs during a drill, giving them "the business" and later on he throws on a hand shield to deliver some blows.

There aren't many running backs groups that have the opportunity to go head to head with a former NFL defensive player during drills like the guys at Cinci do. Expect it to pay dividends in 2012.

Rich Rod makes some on the field changes

Rich Rodriguez has made some changes on the practice field after the first few spring practices.

One of the additions is a stoplight so that players know what tempo they should be practicing at, and we hear it's green (meaning "go fast") most of the time. The first few practices the head coach wasn't happy with the tempo and the pace they moved from drill to drill, so the stoplight was added as a visual.

Rodriguez also added a large blue arc on the front entrance of the practice field to help remind players that once you cross that threshold, it's time to leave everything else behind and just focus on football. 

"Once they cross the blue line, academics, personal issues and everything else has to go in the background and it’s all football, and when they cross back over, I hope they still think about football a little bit, but then their focus can go to other things as well.” he explained.

Spring ball at Oregon State

Oregon State opened up their spring ball practices yesterday, and the video department put together an impressive video highlighting practice, and an interview with Mike Riley.

Riley said that the coaching staff spent all of their time in the off season doing research on how to maximize their talent with the current group of players because they have been so disappointed in the end product the past two seasons. Yesterday they focused on the fundamentals, step by step and inch by inch.

Bench competition...Offense vs. Defense

At Colorado, they went all in, Offense vs. Defense in a good old fashion bench competition.

Good to see the boys gettin' after it. Got to get stronger to compete in the Pac-12!

Petrino: No helmet..that was a bad call

Bobby Petrino took the podium in a neck brace a little while ago to talk about his motorcycle accident Sunday night.

Petrino said that the last thing he remembers is having the sun in his eyes, and then getting out of the ditch and being offered a ride to the hospital by a car who witnessed the accident. Petrino made his first call to his doctor to let him know he was coming to the emergency room, and, although the doctor was away, he made arrangements to make sure Petrino treated upon his arrival.

The ironic part of the whole situation, Petrino explains, is that he had two helmets sitting out on the table as he was getting ready to leave. He remembered thinking, "This one is going to be really heavy and hot, and then this one makes me look like a conehead" so he made the decision to just go with a hat.

"Obviously, bad call. We wouldn't have converted third down."

Petrino has the doctors' okay to return to practice this afternoon to view the action from the press box, and he is expected to make a full recovery.

What Todd Monken enjoys most about coaching

Watch Todd Monken coach and you'll have no doubt about his is passion for the game of football, and coaching in general. The Oklahoma State offensive coordinator will have to replace two of the most productive players in Cowboy history next year on a team that finished #3 in total offense (546 ypg), #2 in passing offense (387 ypg), and #2 in scoring offense (49 ppg). 

“Right now, it's hard to say, ‘(Screw) what we just did.' Now, is (a lot of the success) because of Weeden? Is it because of Black? Yeah, it is. But did (Mike) Leach and them have continued success (at Texas Tech) once they lost kids? Sure they did. So, where that all goes, I don't know. But there's almost no way of turning back.”

Entering the final three weeks of spring ball in Stillwater, Monken is exciting about getting back on the field and soaking up the part of coaching he enjoys the most.

“What I really enjoy doing is going out there and yelling and acting like an idiot and coaching…and those guys getting better and the ups and downs of being (ticked) and being happy. That part of it is the fun of it.” 

More new Nike NFL uniforms

More from the NFL unveiling of its new Nike gear.

Seems like they're definitely taking a page out of the book of the college gear with the gloves and focus on the lighter material along with brighter / more vibrant colors. 


Raiders helmet



The Redskins and Broncos new cleats.

skins shoes


Seahawks new uniforms unveiled

The NFL kicked off its unveiling of their new Nike uniforms with the Seahawks new threads for home and away games, as well as an alternate.

No huge dramatic changes, but definitely different (as expected).

seahawks home