D-II documentary peels back curtain on what it’s like to play one final season before school cuts football

The situation at Humboldt State has been a messy one dating back a few years now. It started with the head coach resigning and holding his farewell presser off campus where he drew attention to the administrative and leadership problems at the school.

From there it kind of spiraled. First they were going to shut down the program until some fans and boosters stepped up to raise $500,000 to save the program. Only then did the administration announced that football would be back in 2018. But after much discussion, the adminstration ultimately decided that the 2018 season would be the last one at Humboldt State.

A few weeks back we ran a story highlighting the response of longtime head strength coach Drew Peterson via a text to his players about how their approach won’t change because of the bad news.

Here, coachPeterson talks about that a bit, and you get a feel for how the Humboldt State football community and players are doing in the midst of a really adverse time for the program.

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